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PT. Gunawan Elektrindo is a national private company in Jakarta, established in 1997. We are engaged in importing, trading and assembling various kinds of energy saving lamps under FOX brand as well as electrical appliances, accessories and groceries under FOX, TIGER HEAD, etc..With the development of technology and innovation in world lighting industry, we pioneered the introduction of LED (Light Emitting Diode) lamp in Indonesia to replace more conventional lamp such as CFLs, Mercury, Halogen or other lighting types. LED lightings are highly energy efficient, less heat, eco-friendly more durable and most of all, more electricity saving. All these advantages coupled with attractive design and cost saving, are made accessible for the masses from low-end to top-end market, in accordance with our slogan “FOX For A Brighter World”.

The company has been certified ISO 9001: 2008 by LMK and has met the Indonesia National Standard (SNI) for various types of Energy Saving Lamps and UL Certified, CE, RoHs for LED lighting in accordance with government of Indonesia requirements and policies.

In partnership with leading lamp manufacturers in China, PT. GE makes various types of Energy Saving Lamps to meet the need of lighting in domestic market. Under strict Quality Control (QC), both in China and in lndonesia, we manufactures lamps for residential, commercial, industrial and public space lighting market. The company has a complete assembly and testing facilities with experienced human resources.

PT. GE products has dominated most of the lighting, appliance and grocery markets in Indonesia. Sales of PT. GE products are supported by all distributors and retailers throughout Indonesia, to market our quality products to existing customers and potential customers nation-wide and to access our guaranteed aftersales service.

With the average sales growth of 20% per year, this proves that our products and services have earned the people’s trust and are well-received in the market. PT. GE strives to maintain quality consistently, creates competitive pricing strategy and encourages non-stop innovation, we are poised for more growth in term of profit and market share, now and in the future.




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